Yolanda Rodríguez Castro

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A 16-nation study involving 8,360 participants revealed that hostile and benevolent attitudes toward men, assessed by the Ambivalence Toward Men Inventory (P. Click & S.T. Fiske, 1999), were (a) reliably measured across cultures, (b) positively correlated (for men and women, within samples and across nations) with each other and with hostile and benevolent(More)
Introduction. Very few studies have examined the neuropsychological performance of HIV-positive women, and even fewer have attempted a comparison of cognitive functioning by gender. The aim of this study was to describe the nature of the neuropsychological performance of HIV seropositive patients by gender. Methods. A clinical sample made up of 151 subjects(More)
OBJECTIVE This present work assesses the prevalence of anorexia nervosa, its partial syndromes, bulimia nervosa and binge eating in a university sample of Galician students (Spain). METHOD The sample is made up of 298 women and 157 men. The scales used were: Eating Disorders Inventory (EDI) and a Questionnaire on eating behavior. RESULTS Women had(More)
This study examined the relation of self-esteem with sex and age for 660 Spanish students (400 secondary school students, 260 university students, age range 12 to 28 years), who responded to the Rosenberg Self-esteem scale. Analysis indicated no sex differences in general self-esteem, but there were differences with respect to age. Persons 12 to 16 years(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the emotional distress associated with ageing, and its prevalence among elderly people who suffer from heart disease. DESIGN Personal interviews with elderly people with and without heart problems. SETTING Interviews were conducted in public hospitals and old people's homes in the south of Galicia, Spain. PARTICIPANTS The sample(More)
This study examined sex differences in the Big Five Personality factors in a sample of 255 Spanish university students (196 women and 59 men) whose mean age was 21.4 yr. (SD=3.91). They responded to the short Spanish version of the Big Five Personality scale. The goals of this study were first, to check the utility of this scale to evaluate personality(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the relationships between class-related anxiety with perceived control, teacher-reported behavioral engagement, behavioral disaffection, and academic performance. Participants were 355 compulsory secondary students (9th and 10th grades; Mean age = 15.2 years; SD = 1.8 years). Structural equation models revealed(More)
In this article, we explore professionals' representations of elderly female victims of gender violence. Semi-structured interviews were used to explore seven professionals' work philosophies and intervention methodologies in their work with elderly female victims of violence, their main problems and difficulties, and their perspectives regarding shelters(More)
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