Yolanda Márquez

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Mathematical expressions for the interferometric coherence of homogeneous-volume-over-ground models (RVoG and OVoG) for the case of dominant specular scattering and considering a single-tx interferometer are derived. The analysis of the positions of the coherences on the complex plane, as a function of the polarization channel, yields important differences(More)
Hydrolytic degradation in media having a continuous variation of pH from 2 to 12 was studied for a copolymer having two polyglycolide hard blocks and a middle soft segment constituted by glycolide, trimethylene carbonate, and ɛ-caprolactone units. The last units were susceptible to cross-linking reactions by γ irradiation that led to an increase of the(More)
A new biodegradable coating was developed for bioabsorbable monofilament sutures. Specifically, a random copolymer having 35wt-% and 65wt-% of lactide and trimethylene carbonate units showed appropriate flexibility, stickiness and degradation rate, as well as capability to produce a complete and uniform coating. Monofilament sutures of(More)
Non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of polydioxanone (PDO), a polymer with well-established applications as bioabsorbable monofilar suture, was investigated by Avrami, Mo, and isoconversional methodologies. Results showed Avrami exponents appearing in a relatively narrow range (i.e., between 3.76 and 2.77), which suggested a three-dimensional(More)
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