Yolanda Lucas Rodríguez

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Microalgae-based water treatment technologies have been used in recent years to treat different water effluents, but their effectiveness for removing pesticides from agricultural run-off has not yet been addressed. This paper assesses the effect of microalgae in pesticide removal, as well as the influence of different operation strategies (continuous vs(More)
Ecosystem pollution due to the lack of or inefficient wastewater treatment coverage in small communities is still a matter of great concern, even in developed countries. This study assesses the seasonal performance of 4 different full-scale wastewater technologies that have been used in small communities (<2000 population equivalent) for more than 10 years(More)
Treated wastewater from small communities is discharged into rivers or streams with a high biodiversity value. This is particularly important in Mediterranean countries, where most of the streams are dry almost all year round. This preliminary study assessed the occurrence and attenuation of 23 emerging contaminants (ECs) in 4 wastewater-dominated streams(More)
In this paper we describe three species belonging to the genus Branchiosyllis Ehlers, 1887, collected from different areas of the Socotra Archipelago. Two of them, Branchiosyllis inesae n. sp. and Branchiosyllis camblori n. sp. are new to science. The third species, Branchiosyllis exilis (Gravier, 1900), has been recorded circumtropically but was originally(More)
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