Yolanda Lorenzo

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INTRODUCTION Deregulation of Polycomb member Bmi-1 is involved in cell proliferation and human oncogenesis. Modulation of Bmi-1 is found in several tumor tissues, including primary breast carcinomas; however, analysis of Bmi-1 in plasma of cancer patients has not been reported. This is the first study that evaluates Bmi-1 in plasma by using a large series(More)
The comet assay is a valuable experimental tool aimed at mapping DNA damage in human cells in vivo for environmental and occupational monitoring, as well as for therapeutic purposes, such as storage prior to transplant, during tissue engineering, and in experimental ex vivo assays. Furthermore, due to its great versatility, the comet assay allows to explore(More)
AIMS Dietary antioxidants, including vitamin C, may be in part responsible for the cancer-preventive effects of fruits and vegetables. Human intervention trials with clinical endpoints have failed to confirm their protective effects, and mechanistic studies have given inconsistent results. Our aim was to investigate antioxidant/ pro-oxidant effects of(More)
PURPOSE The mechanisms involved in the appearance of a second neoplasia in patients with Hodgkin's disease (HD) are probably related to the genomic damage induced by the treatments administered and its repair. Here, we searched for some constitutive molecular mechanisms that in a basal manner may influence the behavior of HD patients. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN(More)
Variability of the comet assay is a serious issue, whether it occurs from experiment to experiment in the same laboratory, or between different laboratories analysing identical samples. Do we have to live with high variability, just because the comet assay is a biological assay rather than analytical chemistry? Numerous attempts have been made to limit(More)
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