Yolanda Lluch

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Long-term storage at low, non-freezing, temperature (1.5 °C) induces chilling injury in fruit of Fortune mandarin (Citrus clementina Hort. Ex Tanaka × Citrus reticulata, Blanco), manifested as pitting and brown depressed areas that may end up with local cell death. Pre-conditioning of fruit for 3 days at 37 °C prevented chilling injury. The use of(More)
Previous works into photosynthesis regulation under salt stress have focused on the effect of NaCl, although other salts may significantly contribute to the toxicity of saline soils. In this paper, the effects of different salt sources (NaCl, Na(2)SO(4), MgCl(2) and MgSO(4)) on photosynthesis and vegetative growth in three tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)(More)
The fruit is the main sink organ in Citrus and captures almost all available photoassimilates during its development. Consequently, carbohydrate partitioning and starch content depend on the crop load of Citrus trees. Nevertheless, little is known about the mechanisms controlling the starch metabolism at the tree level in relation to presence of fruit. The(More)
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