Yolanda Garcia-Chimeno

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This paper presents a multi-sensor system for implementing biofeedback as a human-computer interaction technique in a game involving driving cars in risky situations. The sensors used are: Eye Tracker, Kinect, pulsometer, respirometer, electromiography (EMG) and galvanic skin resistance (GSR). An algorithm has been designed which gives rise to an(More)
The classification of subjects' pathologies enables a rigorousness to be applied to the treatment of certain pathologies, as doctors on occasions play with so many variables that they can end up confusing some illnesses with others. Thanks to Machine Learning techniques applied to a health-record database, it is possible to make using our algorithm. hClass(More)
BACKGROUND Feature selection methods are commonly used to identify subsets of relevant features to facilitate the construction of models for classification, yet little is known about how feature selection methods perform in diffusion tensor images (DTIs). In this study, feature selection and machine learning classification methods were tested for the(More)
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