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PURPOSE To determine the prevalence of glaucoma in an adult population in rural central Tanzania. METHODS Six villages were randomly selected from eligible villages in the Kongwa district, and all residents more than 40 years of age were enumerated and invited to a comprehensive eye examination including presenting visual acuity, refraction, automated(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the degree of inner retinal preservation in the extramacular regions of postmortem retinitis pigmentosa (RP) eyes. METHODS Eighteen RP retinas and 11 age-matched healthy retinas were sectioned for morphometric analysis by light microscopy. The 18 RP retinas were classified by disease severity and mode of inheritance. Cell nuclei in the(More)
OBJECT Surgery on the pituitary gland is increasingly being performed through an endoscopic approach. However, there is little published data on its safety and relative advantages over traditional microscope-based approaches. Published reports are limited by small sample size and nonrandomized study design. A meta-analysis allows for a description of the(More)
In order to characterize consumer support for electronic health information exchange (HIE) and personal health records (PHRs) in a community where HIE is underway, we conducted a survey of English speaking adults who visited primary care practices participating in a regional community-wide clinical data exchange, during August, 2008. Amongst the 117(More)
OBJECTIVE Little is known about the frequency and types of prescribing errors in the ambulatory setting among community-based, primary care providers. Therefore, the rates and types of prescribing errors were assessed among community-based, primary care providers in two states. MATERIAL AND METHODS A non-randomized cross-sectional study was conducted of(More)
BACKGROUND Health information exchange is a national priority, but there is limited evidence of its effectiveness. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the effect of health information exchange on ambulatory quality. METHODS We conducted a retrospective cohort study over two years of 138 primary care physicians in small group practices in the Hudson Valley(More)
OBJECTIVE Refinement of endoscopic pituitary surgery requires an understanding of the impact of demographic and surgical variables on outcomes. METHODS Multivariate logistic regression and ANOVA models were used to explore variables for association with outcomes in a consecutive series of 57 patients undergoing endoscopic pituitary surgery. RESULTS The(More)
Purpose: To develop, validate, reliability test and use quality metrics that are electronically retrievable and appropriate for changes in ambulatory quality that health information technology, namely electronic health records (EHRs), with health information exchange (HIE) may contribute. Scope: The quality metric set was developed and validated with a(More)
Patients with schizophrenia (DSM IV, n = 149) and controls (n = 180) participated in a case-control association study in which a trinucleotide repeat polymorphism of pancreatic phospholipase A2 group 1B (PLA2G1B) was examined. Both African-American and Caucasian populations were included in this USA sample. There were no significant case-control(More)