Yoko S Derose

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Development and preclinical testing of new cancer therapies is limited by the scarcity of in vivo models that authentically reproduce tumor growth and metastatic progression. We report new models for breast tumor growth and metastasis in the form of transplantable tumors derived directly from individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer. These tumor(More)
Many "nonmetastatic" cancers have spawned undetectable metastases before diagnosis. Eventual outgrowth of these microscopic lesions causes metastatic relapse and death, yet the events that dictate when and how micrometastases convert to overt metastases are largely unknown. We report that macrophage-stimulating protein and its receptor, Ron, are key(More)
Research models that replicate the diverse genetic and molecular landscape of breast cancer are critical for developing the next-generation therapeutic entities that can target specific cancer subtypes. Patient-derived tumorgrafts, generated by transplanting primary human tumor samples into immune-compromised mice, are a valuable method to model the(More)
Receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) have been the subject of intense investigation due to their widespread deregulation in cancer and the prospect of developing targeted therapeutics against these proteins. The Ron RTK has been implicated in tumor aggressiveness and is a developing target for therapy, but its function in tumor progression and metastasis is not(More)
Luminal breast cancers are typically estrogen receptor-positive and generally have the best prognosis. However, a subset of luminal tumors, namely luminal B cancers, frequently metastasize and recur. Unfortunately, the causal events that drive their progression are unknown, and therefore it is difficult to identify individuals who are likely to relapse and(More)
CONTEXT College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology have emphasized the need to reduce preanalytic variables for evaluating predictive biomarker expression in breast cancer. Postoperative x-ray of excised breast tissue is commonplace, yet is a variable that has not been investigated previously. We asked whether such(More)
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