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1 Introduction Selecting the surgical candidate for medically intractable epilepsy, detection and localization of seizure focus and cerebral functions are essential for diagnosis, for localization of surgical treatment and for prevention of surgical complications. Due to the limitations of noninvasive evaluations, invasive examinations, such as chronic ECoG(More)
We observe the elastic stiffness and ultrasonic absorption of a Skyrmion crystal in the chiral-lattice magnet MnSi. The Skyrmion crystal lattice exhibits a stiffness 3 orders of magnitude smaller than that of the atomic lattice of MnSi, being as soft as the flux line lattice in type-II superconductors. The observed anisotropic elastic responses are(More)
Magnetic skyrmions, swirling nanometric spin textures, have been attracting increasing attention by virtue of their potential applications for future memory technology and their emergent electromagnetism. Despite a variety of theoretical proposals oriented towards skyrmion-based electronics (that is, skyrmionics), few experiments have succeeded in creating,(More)
BACKGROUND Olfactory neuroblastoma is a rare malignant neoplasm of the nasal cavity and of the paranasal sinus. In the treatment of patients with advanced olfactory neuroblastoma, the combination of craniofacial resection with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy has significantly improved the survival rate. However, locoregional recurrence and distant(More)
1 Introduction Equivalent current dipole (ECD) analysis for mag-netoencephalogram (MEG) has been useful in screening the localization of the epileptogenic zone, even though MEG was recorded in the interictal period [1] [2]. However, it requires several mathematical restrictions and often fails to estimate confidential current sources. Therefore the(More)
The impact of mechanical stress on the morphology of crystallographic and magnetic domains in shape-controlled specimens of an orbital-spin-coupled system, MnV2O4, was examined by cryogenic Lorentz microscopy. Because of the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of MnV2O4 and the supporting Mo mesh, compression on the order of 0.01% was applied to(More)
Second-order continuous phase transitions are characterized by symmetry breaking with order parameters. Topological orders of electrons, characterized by the topological index defined in momentum space, provide a distinct perspective for phase transitions, which are categorized as quantum phase transitions not being accompanied by symmetry breaking.(More)
The control of physical properties by external fields is essential in many contemporary technologies. For example, conductance can be controlled by a gate electric field in a field effect transistor, which is a main component of integrated circuits. Optical phenomena induced by an electric field such as electroluminescence and electrochromism are useful for(More)
The solidification behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) solution during membrane preparation by thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) was investigated. Apparatus newly developed in our laboratory was used to quantitatively measure membrane stiffness during phase separation. In this apparatus, a cooling polymer solution, placed on a stage, is(More)
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