Yoko Moriyama

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The number of children with disability is increasing gradually in Japan. Previous researches in other countries have reported that parents as caregivers (CGs) of children with disability have mental health problems, but the actual situation has not been examined nationwide in Japan so far. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between mental(More)
AIM To clarify the performance situation of selected quality indicators: falls, pressure ulcers and dehydration, at health care facilities for the elderly in Japan, and what structural characteristics are related to them. METHODS The operational population consisted of 1057 institutionalized users (approximately 10 randomly selected per facility) from a(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the consequences of early-onset hearing loss on several social and health measures and any related gender differences in Japanese populations. METHODS Data from a 2007 nationally representative cross-sectional household survey of 136,849 men and women aged 20 to 39 years were obtained (prevalence of self-reported hearing loss: 0.74%).(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted a comparative analysis of lifestyle, mental stress, and medical check-up results between tanshin-funin workers and workers living with their families. METHODS Study participants were 3,026 married men, aged 40-59 yr, who worked at a large financial firm in Japan. Tanshin-funin was defined as married men separated from their(More)