Yoko Maekawa

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international units (IU) of IFNα, 3 days a week for a total of 24 weeks. After the IFN therapy, the patient demonstrated a normal serum ALT level, and was continuously negative for HCV-RNA, and histology improved from chronic active hepatitis to chronic persistent hepatitis. Follow-up studies with ultrasonography (US) every 3 months and computed tomography(More)
AIM To compare the imaging results with histology and to evaluate the diagnostic sensitivity of imaging modalities for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) smaller than 2 cm. METHODS Nodules smaller than 2 cm (n = 34) revealed by ultrasonography (US) in 29 patients with liver cirrhosis were analyzed. Histological diagnosis of HCC was performed by(More)
Complete mesocolic excision with central vascular ligation is considered to contribute to superior oncological outcomes after colon cancer surgery [1]. For advanced right-sided colon cancer, this surgery sometimes requires lymph node (LN) dissection along the superior mesenteric vein (SMV), with division of the middle colic vessels, or their right branches,(More)
The results of treating 12 consecutive patients with unresectable colorectal hepatic metastases with a hepatic arterial infusion of high-dose Adriamycin, 100–120 mg/m2, using hepatic venous isolation (HVI) and charcoal hemoperfusion (CHP) are reported herein. Adriamycin was administered over 5–15 min under extracorporeal drug elimination by HVI-CHP. HVI was(More)
Laparoscopic lymph node (LN) dissection around the middle colic vessels is technically demanding, thus raising controversy regarding the role of laparoscopic surgery for transverse colon cancer. We herein describe a cranial approach method to perform radical LN dissection around the middle colic vessels. The key characteristic of this approach is early(More)
This study was undertaken to pharmacokinetically evaluate the efficacy of direct hemoperfusion under hepatic venous isolation (HVI-DHP) to cisplatin (CDDP) removal during hepatic arterial infusion. CDDP (2–4 mg/kg) was administered continuously to mongrel dogs through the hepatic artery for 10 min. Plasma levels and tissue concentrations were then compared(More)
Esophagojejunostomy in laparoscopic total gastrectomy (LTG) is a technically demanding procedure. Although several methods have been reported to date, none is considered consistently reliable. We developed a simple method for intracorporeal circular-stapled esophagojejunostomy using a modified over-and-over suture technique. The surgical outcomes of our(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Insulin resistance (IR) has been reported to be an independent predictor of treatment outcome in chronic hepatitis C patients. METHODS We analyzed the relationship between IR and the outcome of pegylated interferon and ribavirin (PEG-IFN/RBV) therapy, taking into account host factors of body mass index and histological index, such as rate(More)
BACKGROUND Three cases of hypervascular nodules in the liver, without hepatitis B or C virus infection and with a history of alcohol abuse (120 ml/day for 15 to 30 years), are presented. RESULTS Ultrasound examination revealed hypoechoic nodules in segment 6 (2 cm in diameter, case 1), in the right and left lobes (1-2 cm multiple type, case 2), and in(More)
This paper describes the construction and evaluation of Japanese speech database read by non-native speakers in order to develop CALL systems by a research project. The project has been organized with interdisciplinary members such as specialists in second language acquisition, phonetics and speech processing. The database recorded 140 non-native speakers,(More)