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Salts carrying impermeable organic cations elicited large responses in the frog and rat taste nerves. Amiloride suppressed the responses of the frog and rat taste nerves to NaCl, KCl and the organic salts to a similar extent. The estimated equilibrium potentials for Na+ and K+ at the thresholds determined were more negative than the resting potentials of(More)
In cooperation with several institutes and scientists, we obtained quality controlled match-ups between GLI products and in-situ data, 116 for chlorophyll-a concentration (CHLA), 249 for normalized water-leaving radiance (nLw) at 443 nm, and 201 for aerosol optical thickness at 865 nm (Tau_865) and Angstrom exponent between 520 and 865 nm (Angstrom). We(More)
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