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Mechanisms of interactions among different scale phenomena play important roles for forecasting of weather and climate. Multi-scale Simulator for the Geoenvironment (MSSG), which deals with multi-scale multi-physics phenomena, is a coupled non-hydrostatic atmosphere-ocean model designed to be run efficiently on the Earth Simulator. We present its simulation(More)
—Using practical scientific and engineering applications , this poster presents early performance evaluation of the SX-ACE vector processor, which is the latest vector processor developed by NEC in 2013. While inheriting the advantages of the vector architecture, the SX-ACE processor is designed so as to overcome the drawbacks of conventional vector(More)
Achieving a high sustained simulation performance is the most important concern in the HPC community. To this end, many kinds of HPC system architectures have been proposed, and the diversity of the HPC systems grows rapidly. Under this circumstance, a vector-parallel supercomputer SX-ACE has been designed to achieve a high sustained performance of(More)
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