Yoko Iguchi

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Cancer stroma is thought to play an important role in tumor behavior, including invasion or metastasis and response to therapy. Cancer stroma is generally thought either to be non-neoplastic cells, including tissue-marrow or bone-marrow-derived fibroblasts, or to originate in epithelial mesenchymal transition of cancer cells. In this study, we evaluated the(More)
BACKGROUND Endometrial cancer (EC) is the most common cancer of the female genital tract. However, no screening method for EC has been established yet. In this study, we evaluated the cell-free DNA in EC. METHODS Fifteen healthy individuals, 9 with benign gynecologic diseases, and 53 with ECs were included in this study. Alu sequences in free DNA(More)
To address the role of cancer-stroma interactions, we performed gene expression profiling of both cancer and stroma, using matching samples of endometrial cancer (EC), and analyzed the relationship between the gene expression pattern and prognosis in EC. Sixty EC cases were included in this study (38 nonrecurrent and 22 recurrent). Cancer and stroma were(More)
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