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Targeted therapies have demonstrated efficacy against specific subsets of molecularly defined cancers. Although most patients with lung cancer are stratified according to a single oncogenic driver, cancers harbouring identical activating genetic mutations show large variations in their responses to the same targeted therapy. The biology underlying this(More)
In this thesis, I examine the theoretical properties of the short time discrete Fourier transform (STFT). The STFT is obtained by applying the Fourier transform by a fixed-sized, moving window to input series. We move the window by one time point at a time, so we have overlapping windows. I present several theoretical properties of the STFT, applied to(More)
BACKGROUND It is unknown whether childhood physical development in Asian populations differs from western populations, since no longitudinal analysis has been performed in Asian countries yet. Utilizing the 21st Century Longitudinal Survey in Newborns, we studied the timing of adiposity rebound (AR) among Japanese children and determined whether AR occurs(More)
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