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Flavonoid pattern in the pteridaceae IV. Seasonal variation of the flavonoids in the fronds ofAdiantum monochlamys
  • Yoko Akabori
  • Biology
  • The botanical magazine = Shokubutsu-gaku-zasshi
  • 1 June 1978
The contents of hyperin, astragalin, prunin and an unidentified flavanone in the fronds ofAdiantum monochlamys were determined throughout 18 months. The flavonoid pattern was qualitatively stable butExpand
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New indanone compounds from Onychium japonicum
A new indanone glucoside pteroside M has been isolated from fronds of Onychium japonicum Pteridaceae. The structure of its aglycone pterosin M has been established by 13C NMR, PMR spectra andExpand
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Further Structural Studies of 1-Indanone Derivatives obtained from Onychium japonicum
The structures of pteroside M and pterosin M isolated from the fronds of Onychium japonicum were reexamined by the NMR chemical shift reagent method. Furthermore, the stereostructure of pteroside MExpand
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Flavonoid Pattern in Pteridaceae , I Flavonoid Glycosides Obtained from the Fronds of Adiantum aethiopicum and A , monochlamys *
Flavonoid glycosides contained in Adiantum aethiopicum and A. monochlamys which resemble morphologically each other are compared. In A. aethiopicum, flavonoids detected are prunin (naringeninExpand
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