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A fundamental and well-studied problem in computational geometry is range searching, where the goal is to preprocess a set, S, of geometric objects (e.g., points in the plane) so that the subset S ′ ⊆ S that is contained in a query range (e.g., an axes-parallel rectangle) can be reported efficiently. However, in many situations, what is of interest is to(More)
Determining the influence of an object on other objects in a database, based on proximity, is important in many applications. Abstractly, we wish to pre-process a set, <i>P</i>, of points in <i>d</i>-space so that the points of <i>P</i> that are assigned a new query point <i>q</i> as a Euclidean nearest neighbor can be reported quickly. These are the(More)
Mobile robots can be used as mobile hubs to provide communication services on-demand. This capability is especially valuable in disaster response scenarios where there is no communication infrastructure. In such scenarios, mobile hubs can provide a communication infrastructure in a dynamic fashion. In this paper, we study the problem of building a(More)
The circuit represented by a VLSI layout must be verified by checking it against the schematic circuit as an important part of the functional verification step. This involves two central problems of matching the circuit graphs with each other (graph isomorphism) and extracting a higher level of circuit from a given level by finding subcircuits in the(More)
The circuit represented by a layout must be validated by comparing it to a schematic circuit to show that the functionality is same as intended. This done by testing for graph isomorphism between the layout and schematic circuit graphs. Circuits designed currently are so large that their corresponding data structures often exceed available main memory and(More)
Viterbi algorithm is a dynamic programming algorithm used to find out the most likely word uttered by the unknown speech signal. In Viterbi algorithm, the observation probabilities are calculated using Gaussian distribution function. For implementation of Viterbi decoder, these probability values are initially stored in RAM. Thus conventional Viterbi(More)
There are many ways in which one can subdivide a triangle into smaller triangles. However, the limiting behavior<lb>when various methods of partitioning are iterated can be quite different. In this talk, we will describe some recent<lb>results for this problem, which include a few facts that we can prove, and a large set of conjectures arising(More)
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