Yojiro Sakiyama

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To ensure a continuing pipeline in pharmaceutical research, lead candidates must possess appropriate metabolic stability in the drug discovery process. In vitro ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination, and toxicity) screening provides us with useful information regarding the metabolic stability of compounds. However, before the synthesis(More)
Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME)-related failure of drug candidates is a major issue for the pharmaceutical industry today. Prediction of ADME by in silico tools has now become an inevitable paradigm to reduce cost and enhance efficiency in pharmaceutical research. Recently, machine learning as well as nonlinear statistical tools(More)
The behavioral assessment of pain is essential for the analysis of pain mechanisms and the evaluation of analgesic drugs. The formalin test is one of such methods widely used as a model of injury-induced pain in rodents. This test is manually demanding and the recording of results is left to the subjectivity of the experimenters. Thus we developed a novel(More)
Animal pain testing is essential for the development of new analgesic drugs, where appropriate data analyses as well as appropriate multi-factorial design of experiments are necessary to obtain meaningful results in an efficient fashion. The tail withdrawal experiment is one of the pain tests in which a rhesus monkey is restrained in a chair from which its(More)
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