Yojiro Hiratsuka

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This paper describes a method of selective patterning of various types of biological materials with parylene lift-off process. Multiple parylene thin sheets with a microhole array were formed on a glass substrate, and were then sequentially peeled off during the pattering process. Using this method we have achieved high density patterning of different kinds(More)
We report a flower-shaped micromotor driven by gliding bacteria named Mycoplasma mobile (M. mobile). This micromotor is autonomously rotated by the collisions of M. mobiles gliding randomly on a substrate. The flower-shaped rotor is derived from the unique motility of M. mobile. We examined the motility characteristics of M. mobile using walls with(More)
This paper describes a technique for controlling the shape of filamentous motor proteins for the bio-nano driving units in MEMS devices. In this experiment, we have used Actin, a protein to construct cytoskeleton actin monomers (G-actin) polymerize in high salt condition and form filaments (F-actin); the filaments move when they bind with the motor protein(More)
Biological molecular motors, motor proteins, have a number of unique advantages over artificial motors, including efficient conversion of chemical energy into mechanical work and the potential for self-assembly into larger structures. This paper describes a bio- hybrid micro rotary motor using kinesin/ microtubule motor. We developed a simple fabrication(More)
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