Yoji Terashima

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Under the influence of biochemical components of bone matrix gelatin (BMG), cartilage differentiates in tissue culture from the connective tissue cell outgrowths of mature muscle. Proliferation and differentiation begin within 24 hr with synthesis of hyaluronate, continue with high levels of synthesis of DNA and hyaluronidase, and culminate in production of(More)
This study was performed to elucidate immunohistochemical localization of OAT in the gut mucosa and liver of rats using the ABC method. In the normal rat gut mucosa, strong immunoreactivity of OAT as fine granules was present in the surface epithelial cells and apical portion of intestinal glands. In the liver, this reaction was observed in the range of(More)
Light and electron microscopic studies on cells and matrices of congenital pseudarthrosis of the femur of a 5.5-year-old male revealed three areas with different morphological features; a fibrous area, a cartilaginous area and an osseous area. Glycosaminoglycans were isolated from each of the three areas and characterized by the degradation with(More)
Nine cases of SED congenita seen in Japanese children are presented. SED congenita was differentiated from Morquio's disease by its earlier manifestation, its characteristic radiographic features, the lack of corneal clouding and the absence of keratosulphaturia. Présentation de neuf cas de dysplasie spondylo-épiphysaire congénitale, observés chez des(More)
s of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Bone Metabolism Research Rickets and 0steomalaeia 1. Treatment of Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets (VDRR) until Completion of Growth Seizo Yoshikawa and Hideto Machida (Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo University Branch Hospital, Tokyo) A girl with VDRR treated with large doses of VD between ages(More)
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