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13Motoshige Yasuike
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Nori, a marine red alga, is one of the most profitable mariculture crops in the world. However, the biological properties of this macroalga are poorly understood at the molecular level. In this study, we determined the draft genome sequence of susabi-nori (Pyropia yezoensis) using next-generation sequencing platforms. For sequencing, thalli of P. yezoensis(More)
We present the genome sequence of a novel Edwardsiella tarda-lytic bacteriophage, MSW-3, which specifically infects atypical E. tarda strains. The morphological and genomic features of MSW-3 suggest that this phage is a new member of the dwarf myo-viruses, which have been much less studied than other groups of myoviruses. T. 2013. Complete genome sequence(More)
We report the complete genome sequences of two Edwardsiella tarda-lytic bacteriophages isolated from flounder kidney (KF-1) and seawater (IW-1). These newly sequenced phage genomes provide a novel resource for future studies on phage-host interaction mechanisms and various applications of the phages for control of edwardsiellosis in aquaculture. E(More)
In recent years, massive sequencing approaches have allowed us to determine genomic structures of various organisms rapidly, raising novel applicability of the high-throughput sequence data obtained to various fields of biological studies. We present here a pipeline to search for microsatellite DNA and design PCR primers encompassing the microsatellites on(More)
BACKGROUND Immunoglobulin (IG or antibody) and the T-cell receptor (TR) are pivotal proteins in the immune system of higher organisms. In cancer immunotherapy, the immune responses mediated by tumor-epitope-binding IG or TR play important roles in anticancer effects. Although there are public databases specific for immunological genes, their contents have(More)
Orthologs are widely used for phylogenetic analysis of species; however, identifying genuine orthologs among distantly related species is challenging, because genes obtained through horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and out-paralogs derived from gene duplication before speciation are often present among the predicted orthologs. We developed a program,(More)
Nonagglutinating Lactococcus garvieae has been isolated from diseased farmed yellowtail in Japan since 2012. In this study, the complete genome and plasmid sequence of nonagglutinating L. garvieae strain 122061 was determined, to our knowledge, for the first time.
Synaptic plasticity in the cerebellar cortex contributes to motor learning. In particular, long-term depression at excitatory parallel fiber - Purkinje neuron synapses has been intensively studied as a primary cellular mechanism for motor learning. Recent studies showed that synaptic plasticity other than long-term depression such as long-term potentiation(More)
Alexandrium fundyense is a toxic marine dinoflagellate responsible for “red tide” events in temperate and sub-arctic waters worldwide. In the Gulf of Maine (GOM) and Bay of Fundy in the Northwest Atlantic, blooms of A. fundyense recur annually and are associated with major health and ecosystem impacts. In this region, microsatellite markers have been used(More)
Long-term depression (LTD) at excitatory synapses between parallel fibers and a Purkinje cell has been regarded as a critical cellular mechanism for motor learning. However, it was demonstrated that normal motor learning occurs under LTD suppression, suggesting that cerebellar plasticity mechanisms other than LTD also contribute to motor learning. One(More)