Yoji Nakamori

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Superconductivity at about 8 K was observed in the metal-rich Li-Pd-B ternary system. Structural, microstructural, electrical, and magnetic investigations for various compositions proved that the Li2Pd3B compound, which has an antiperovskite cubic structure composed of distorted Pd6B octahedrons, is responsible for the superconductivity. This is the first(More)
A series of molten salts EMIm(HF)nF's with different n values has been synthesized by the reaction of EMImHF(2) and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride. The salts contain EMIm cation and some oligomeric fluorohydrogenate anions, (HF)nF-, of which the fraction changes with the change of n. A phase diagram of EMIm(HF)nF's (n = 1.0-2.6) has been constructed which(More)
The electronic structure of Co ions in Pt(3)Co alloy cathode catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) under different operation conditions has been investigated using X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS). The line shapes of the Co 2p XAS spectra indicate that the Co atoms in the cathode layer are predominantly metallic in all cells, and the(More)
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