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We construct a pedestrian support system using visible-light communication with self-illuminated bollards. The system is designed for the requirements of people with weak eyesight and the elderly to notify them of danger and obstacles such as steps and signals. The luminescent color that the color temperature of 2000 K, that is orange, is suitable for(More)
The conventional studies on mascot characters were evaluated subjectively. In this study not only subjective evaluations using the SD method but also objective ones with biomedical signals and response time were performed for the evaluations of the mascot characters. The result of tests and researches showed that there was a correlation between brain wave(More)
We proposed a pedestrian movement support system using visible-light communication (VLC) with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the people of weak eyesight and the elderly. It provides the user safety information in the neighborhood or the route information, and receives a request from the user and traffic information by the LED light. We conducted(More)
The purpose of this experimental study is to elucidate how is the expression of illustrations giving a positive impression from the viewpoints of impression evaluation and psychophysiological indices. The experiment is carried out to explore the relationship between impression evaluation and psychophysiological indices obtained from biological signals. We(More)
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