Yoichiro Tsutsui

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A rare case of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) is reported with a review of the literature. A 40-year-old Japanese woman had suffered from RRP since 1 year of age. She developed a pulmonary squamous papilloma with a thin-walled cavity, which was suspected as being lung carcinoma. The trachea and bronchi around the tumor were intact, and no(More)
We report a 56-year-old man in whom an olfactory neuroblastoma with epithelial and endocrine differentiation transformed into a mature ganglioneuroma after chemoradiotherapy. The tumor arising from the sphenoidal and maxillary sinuses showed rapid growth into the frontal lobe and metastasis to the cervical lymph nodes. The patient showed signs of a syndrome(More)
An extremely rare phosphoglyceride deposition disease is reported. A healthy 62-year-old Japanese woman suffered from tumors that repeatedly appeared in injured soft tissues for more than 20 years. No immunologic disorders or abnormal laboratory data were found. Histology showed foreign body granulomas consisting of macrophages surrounding yellowish-white(More)
Myoepithelial neoplasm mainly occurs in the salivary glands and breasts and is extremely rare in the lung. To our knowledge, this report describes the first documented case of a myoepithelial carcinoma present in the lung. The tumor derived from the right main bronchial submucosa and exhibited a dual epithelial and smooth muscular phenotype by(More)
A case of malignant melanoma arising from a congenital dermal nevus on the right forehead of a 16-year-old female is presented. In the mole, small pigmented nevoid cells gathered around the skin appendages and between the collagen fibers. From the age of 17, a verrucous nevoid melanoma consisting of lymphoblast-like large nevoid cells, which were positive(More)
The development of a percutaneous procedure using a catheterized system for diseased vessels has been increasingly in demand in conjunction with gene therapy using genetically engineered drugs (antisense) and cells. The authors' strategic concept realizes revascularization at narrowed, diseased sites and delivery of drugs or cells into the diseased tissues(More)
Although apomixis is the most common form of parthenogenesis in diplodiploid arthropods, it is uncommon in the haplodiploid insect order Hymenoptera. We found a new type of spontaneous apomixis in the Hymenoptera, completely lacking meiosis and the expulsion of polar bodies in egg maturation division, on the thelytokous strain of a parasitoid wasp Meteorus(More)
The goal of this study is to evaluate the applicability and effectiveness of combination support of the extraaortic balloon (EAB) and the ventricular assist cup (VAC) to the acute heart failure model. Under general anesthesia, 10 adult dogs were used. Through the median sternotomy, EAB was placed around the ascending aorta and VAC in the pericardial cavity.(More)
In recent years, minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS), or limited access cardiac surgery, has been presented as a promising operative procedure. We developed a new balloon device that is inserted directly into the ascending aorta to stop the heart during limited access cardiac surgery. The balloon has a three lumen structure: balloon lumen port,(More)