Yoichiro Shimizu

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Each local government dispatches the municipal employee to the disaster site in order to check on the damage at the time of wide-scale disaster. The municipal employee take damage images with a digital camera etc., and bring image data back to the disaster countermeasures headquarters. Then, the municipal employee project damage images on a projector and(More)
In this research, we build the system which can gather safety information to the disaster countermeasures headquarters by adjusting refugees information quickly in the evacuation centers at the time of wide-scale disaster. In this system, use of the personal number card issued by social security number program is assumed. Using this personal number card,(More)
We have been developing an image-searching method to identify misfiled images in a PACS server. Developing new biological fingerprints (BFs) that would reduce the influence of differences in positioning and breathing phases to improve the performance of recognition is desirable. In our previous studies, the whole lung field (WLF) that included the shadows(More)
We investigated the effect of X-ray beam qualities RQA3, 5, 7, and 9 on the exposure index (EI) as defined by International Electrotechnical Commission guideline 62494-1. Half-value layers (HVLs) of RQA5 X-rays passing through anti-scatter grids (grid ratios 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, and 12:1) were also evaluated because grids are frequently used in clinical(More)
This paper describes the development of an automated method of extraction of biological fingerprints (BFs), including detection of image orientation in chest radiographs. The image orientation of a target image was recognized and modified by examination of normalized cross-correlation values between a target image and averaged male and female images with(More)
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