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A retrospective study of the surgical treatment of 166 metastatic lesions of the humerus and femur in 147 patients was performed. There were 106 women and 41 men whose average age was 62 years. Two-thirds of the patients were treated for complete fractures, while one-third were treated for impending fractures. Breast, lung, and kidney carcinoma accounted(More)
1. Abalone myosin consisted of one kind of heavy chain and two kinds of light chain according to SDS gel electrophoresis. The molecular weights of the light chains were estimated as 16,600 daltons (Light Chain-1: LC-1) and 14,500 daltons (Light Chain-2: LC-2). 2. The amino acid composition of LC-2 was not appreciably different from that of LC-1 except that(More)
The significance of geometrical changes of the heart for the development of mitral valve prolapse (MVP) was studied by echocardiograms and chest x-ray films in 58 cases of progressive muscular dystrophy (PMD). The incidence of MVP was significantly higher (p less than 0.001) in cases where the thoracic spine was straight or lordotic compared with cases of(More)
In contrast to the 40 kDa arginine kinases from Molllusca and Arthropoda, the adductor muscle of the marine clam Pseudocardium sachalinensis contains an unusual arginine kinase consisting of an 86 kDa subunit. The cDNA encoding the 86 kDa arginine kinase was amplified by PCR and the cDNA-derived amino acid sequence of 724 residues was determined. The exact(More)
Arginine kinase (AK) was isolated from the longitudinal muscle of the sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus. Unlike the monomeric 40 kDa AKs from molluscs and arthropods, but like the cytoplasmic isoenzymes of vertebrate creatine kinase (CK), the Stichopus enzyme was dimeric. To explore the evolutionary origin of the dimeric AK, we determined its cDNA-derived(More)
We found out a new protein from natural actomyosin prepared from adductor muscle of Hokki clam, bivalve shell. We isolated this protein and determined some properties. It has a large molecular weight (230 kDa) and the star diagram of amino acid composition was very similar to that of paramyosin (110 kDa). When this protein was added to Hokki clam myosin,(More)
The effects of nitroglycerin (NTG) on cardiac function can be evaluated by echocardiography. In this paper, we discuss the effects of NTG on cardiac function in two groups of subjects, one with artificial pacemakers implanted with a fixed heart rate, and the other examined as the control group. Left ventricular dimension was obtained in the standard manner(More)
We report on a 15 year old patient with Duchenne's progressive muscular dystrophy who demonstrated a narrowing of the left ventricular inflow and outflow tracts due to compression by a highly deformed thoracic spine. A systolic murmur (4/6) with thrill and a diastolic murmur (2/6) were heard, with these murmurs being louder in the expiratory phase as(More)