Yoichi Yamazaki

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Multi-robot behavior adaptation mechanism based on cooperative–neutral–competitive fuzzy-Q learning is proposed for coordinating local communication atmospheres in humans-robots interaction, in which the communication atmosphere is represented by a two-layer fuzzy fusion model and is visualized by shape–color–fill–wave graphics. It aims to realize smooth(More)
Protein conformational changes, which regulate the activity of proteins, are induced by the alternation of intramolecular interactions. Therefore, the detection of the local environmental changes around the key amino acid residues is essential to understand the activation mechanisms of functional proteins. Here we developed the methods to scan the local(More)
Flow-mediated dilation (FMD) is the most commonly used noninvasive method for the assessment of vascular endothelial function; this assessment uses the magnitude of vasodilation according to reactive hyperemia. The physiological mechanism of vasodilation has been well studied; it was recently hypothesized that endothelial function can reversibly be(More)