Yoichi Odagiri

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A multimode laser can instantaneously generate a carrier frequency of significantly wide band. The proposed systems, composed of a free-running multimode laser diode, an optical spectrometer, and a computing system for fast Fourier transformation, can easily provide the potential for ultrahigh resolution of the order of 10 microm without scanning(More)
Perot effect between the laser mirror-face and the fiber endface, an antireflection coating was applied to the fiber endface. The launching power into the singlemode fiber was about 3 dBm. Two single-mode fibers used had 5 pm core diameter and 0.3 % fractional difference in refractive index. One of them was 3.2 km long and another was 2.1 km long. The two(More)
A system for duplicating prerecorded video tapes at high speed has been developed. The system employs contact printing and can handle half-inch video tapes for home-use VCRs. In contact printing, the mother tape must have three times higher coercivity than that of a copy tape with a coercivity of 650 Oersted. For this purpose, a metal tape was developed(More)
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