Yoichi Narushima

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Reg (regenerating gene) was isolated as a gene specifically expressed in regenerating islets. We have demonstrated in vitro and in vivo that the exogenous addition of rat and human Reg gene products, Reg/REG proteins, induced beta-cell replication via the Reg receptor and thereby ameliorated experimental diabetes. In the present study, we produced Reg(More)
BACKGROUND In Japan, the standard treatment policy for all potentially curable patients with gastric cancer is radical resection including extensive lymphadenectomy. This treatment strategy has been used for both early and advanced gastric cancers, and substantial increases in survival time have been reported. In advanced gastric cancer, lymphatic spread is(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the usefulness of activated carbon particles (CH40) as a vital staining dye for visualizing lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes in breast cancer. DESIGN A retrospective evaluation. SETTING Department of Surgery in Sendai National Hospital, Japan, a 716-bed teaching hospital. METHODS To identify as many lymph nodes as possible in(More)
BACKGROUND Advanced gastric cancer is classified into four Borrmann types, types 1 to 4. Type 4 is a relatively undifferentiated carcinoma with little or no gland-forming capability. Despite recent advances in the diagnosis and surgical management of gastric cancer, most tumors of Borrmann type 4 are not detected at an early stage and the prognosis remains(More)
Phlegmonous gastritis is a rare inflammatory lesion in which bacterial infection occurs in the gastric wall. A case of phlegmonous gastritis producing an intramural filling defect in the stomach is presented. Endoscopy showed edematous and reddened gastric mucosa with a mass lesion in the gastric body and antrum. An abdominal CT scan showed diffuse and(More)
Some hemophilic patients in Japan suffer from infections with both human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis virus because they received contaminated nonheated blood products. Coinfection with HIV appears to accelerate the course of chronic hepatitis. Although powerful antiviral therapy was introduced as HIV treatment and the prognosis of HIV(More)
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