Yoichi Mizutani

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We retrospectively investigated the efficacy and feasibility of concurrent chemoradiotherapy for patients with severe dysphagia caused by oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Concurrent chemoradiotherapy was performed in 57 patients with T3 or T4 disease containing M1 lymph node (LYM) disease. Chemotherapy consisted of protracted infusion of 5-fluorouracil(More)
We have analyzed free chiral amino acids (aspartate and serine) in the human frontal cortex at different ontogenic stages (from 14 weeks of gestation to 101 years of age) by HPLC with fluorometric detection after derivatization with N-tert-butyl-oxycarbonyl-L-cysteine and o-phthaldialdehyde. Exceptionally high levels of free D-aspartate and D-serine were(More)
The US, MR, and dynamic MR findings in four patients with sclerosing stromal tumor of the ovary are reported. US showed a tumor with multilocular cystic components and irregularly thickened septa and tumor walls or a solid tumor including several small cystic components. On T2-weighted MR images, signal intensities of the cystic components were high and(More)
Recently, pregnane X receptor (PXR) has been described to mediate the genomic effects of several steroid hormones, such as progesterone (P), glucocorticoid (Dex), pregnenolone (Preg), and xenobiotics through the cytochrome P-450 3A gene family (CYP3A), which are monooxygenases, responsible for the oxidative metabolism of some endogenous substrates and(More)
PURPOSE To report our preliminary results in the application of a turbo fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery (FLAIR) MR technique to the diagnosis of intracranial tumors and to assess the clinical usefulness of this technique. METHODS Thirty-four patients with various intracranial tumors were studies with MR imaging, including a turbo FLAIR sequence. FLAIR(More)
PURPOSE To determine an appropriate treatment policy for intracranial germinoma. METHODS AND MATERIALS From 1976 to 1992, 51 patients with germinoma (18 with pathologically verified germinoma and 33 diagnosed as having germinoma by neuroimagings) were treated by radiation therapy. Various radiation doses and treatment fields were used. RESULTS The(More)
BACKGROUND Anomalous pancreaticobiliary junction (a long common channel), with or without congenital choledochal cyst, is frequently associated with biliary tract carcinoma. We assessed the diagnostic value of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) for patients with anomalous pancreaticobiliary junction (PBJ). METHODS In 159 adult patients(More)
Dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD) is the rate-limiting enzyme in the pathway of uracil and thymine catabolism. DPD is also the principal enzyme involved in the degradation of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), which is one of the anticancer chemotherapeutic agents currently used in the treatment of bladder cancer. Little is known about the significance of DPD(More)
PURPOSE We report our initial experience with hand assisted retroperitoneoscopic nephroureterectomy for upper urinary tract transitional cell carcinoma and compared our results to those of a contemporary series of open nephroureterectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical data on 34 consecutive patients who underwent hand assisted retroperitoneoscopic(More)
The gene encoding alkaline phosphatase from the psychrotrophic bacterium Shewanella sp. SIB1 was cloned, sequenced, and overexpressed in Escherichia coli. The recombinant protein was purified and its enzymatic properties were compared with those of E. coli alkaline phosphatase (APase), which shows an amino acid sequence identity of 37%. The optimum(More)