Yoichi Hirashima

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— In this paper, a swing-up control scheme for a serial double inverted pendulum is proposed. The control scheme is to swing up the pendulum in three steps, Step 1: to swing up the first pendulum, Step 2: to swing up the second pendulum while stabilizing the first pendulum at the upright position, and Step 3: to stabilize the two pendulums around the(More)
The time varying human multijoint arm dynamics can be modeled by two factors, simplified musculoskeletal dynamics and the uncertainty factor consisting of measurement noises and modeling error of a rigid body dynamics. In some cases, the uncertainty factor may not be Gaussian; the Kalman filter is no longer the optimal filter. In this paper, for the(More)
In container yard terminals, containers brought by trucks in the random order. Containers have to be loaded into the ship in a certain order, since each container has its own shipping destination and it cannot be rearranged after loading. Therefore, containers have to be rearranged from the initial arrangement into the desired arrangement before shipping.(More)
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