Yohsuke Saka

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62-year-old female, who had been under observation for an indolent myeloma for six years without therapy, was admitted because of left flank pain. Various imaging modalities disclosed left pleural effusion, and a huge abdominal tumor involving the left crus of the diaphragm, spleen, stomach, pancreatic tail, left adrenal gland, left kidney and left(More)
A case of Mycoplasma pneumonia complicated with severe hemolytic anemia, which occurred as a result of a high titer of cold agglutinin is presented. A 49 year-old male was admitted because of fever, jaundice and dyspnea. Chest x-ray showed diffuse small nodular infiltrates throughout both lung fields. Laboratory studies disclosed the following values: Hb(More)
The characteristics of all-optical switching in a waveguide device with a distributed-feedback structure were experimentally investigated. The device was composed of a strip-loaded GaInAsP/InP waveguide and a distributed-feedback structure, which was fabricated by a combination of reactive-ion etching and electron-beam exposure. In the experiments, several(More)
The release of goblet cell mucus (GCM) was examined in immune reaction-system of colonic mucosa of rats (SD rats). We previously reported that in the immune reaction of normal colon of rats, the discharge of colonic GCM was not increased by intrarectal instillation (challenge) of several test-antigens after repeated immunization of single BSA antigen(More)
Efficacies of 8 antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the relation to serotypes and clinical sources were investigated on 50 strains isolated from patients at Nagoya Ekisaikai Hospital between August and September, 1986. Disk sensitivity test was carried out simultaneously for 5 antibiotics including piperacillin (PIPC), cefoperazone (CPZ),(More)