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Rare case of the inferior mesenteric artery and the common hepatic artery arising from the superior mesenteric artery
We found a case in which inferior mesenteric artery and the common hepatic artery arose from the superior mesenteric artery, forming the common hepatomesenteric trunk, during a routine dissectionExpand
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Abnormal anterior belly of the digastric muscle: a proposal for the classification of abnormalities
We recognized an abnormal anterior belly of the digastric muscle in an 83-year-old male cadaver. Three muscle bundles were observed on the left anterior belly: (i) attached to the left digastricExpand
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Analysis of the three‐dimensional lymphatic architecture of the periodontal tissue using a new 3D reconstruction method
Few studies of lymphatic vessels have been reported because diacrisis of this vascular system is rare. A complete examination of diacrisis of venula is not yet possible even using recentExpand
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Scanning electron microscopic observations of the basement membranes with dithiothreitol separation
Scanning electron microscopic (SEM) studies of the interstitial surface of the lamina densa can be performed with dithiothreitol separation, which is the only method of exposing this surface. SEMExpand
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Double superior venae cavae with bilateral inferior venae cavae.
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Bifid ribs observed in the third and the fourth ribs.
Three cases of bifid ribs were found in two cadavers during routine dissections at the Iwate Medical University School of Dentistry. All of the cases were found in the third or the fourth rib. TheExpand
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New cavity forms in second deciduous molars which maximize dentin thickness between cavity and pulp chamber.
This study was designed to devise configuratively ideal cavity formations using 49 second deciduous molars, consisting of 25 extracted from the maxilla and 24 from the mandible. A cavity having atExpand
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Scanning electron microscopic observation of the epidermal basement membrane with osmium conductive metal coating.
Osmium conductive metal coating was performed for the scanning electron microscopic observation of the epidermal basement membrane. An extremely thin osmium coating induced the equivalent electricalExpand
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Fine structure of the epidermal basement membrane of the lip: applications of dithiothreitol separation and ultrathin frozen sectioning.
The fine structure of the epidermal basement membrane at the electron-microscopic level has already been defined. To obtain more details, two techniques, dithiothreitol separation and ultrathinExpand
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Improvement of macromolecular clearance via lymph flow in hamster gingiva by topical warming and massage.
The lymphatic system is very important for macromolecular clearance in various tissues, especially in the gingiva. However, the kinetics of macromolecular clearance via the lymph flow in the gingivaExpand
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