Yohei Yamamoto

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Laparoscopic wedge resections are increasingly applied for gastric submucosal tumors such as gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). Despite this, no defined strategy exists to guide the surgeon in choosing the appropriate laparoscopic technique for an individual case on the basis of tumor characteristics such as location or size. This study aimed to(More)
Finite-impulse response (FIR) filters are often preferred to infinite-impulse response (IIR) filters because of their various advantages in respect of stability, phase characteristic, implementation, etc. This article proposes a new method to approximate an IIR filter by an FIR filter, which directly yields an optimal approximation with respect to the H/sup(More)
Prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)) enhances osteoclast formation in mouse macrophage cultures treated with receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB ligand (RANKL). The effects of PGE(2) on human osteoclast formation were examined in cultures of CD14(+) cells prepared from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. CD14(+) cells differentiated into osteoclasts in(More)
We consider the problem of estimating and testing for multiple breaks in a single equation framework with regressors that are endogenous, i.e., correlated with the errors. First, we show based on standard assumptions about the regressors, instruments and errors that the second stage regression of the instrumental variable procedure involves regressors and(More)
A 0.5V, 10MHz, 9mW image processor with 320 processing element (PE) SIMD and a 32bit CPU has been developed using 40-nm CMOS. High voltage clock distribution (HVCD) reduces the number of excessive hold buffers required in a 0.5-V logic circuit design, thereby reducing the area, delay, and energy of the SIMD by 14 %, 13%, and 6%, respectively. The 0.5-V SIMD(More)
Differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution based on two nonorthogonal states is described. A weak coherent pulse train is sent from Alice to Bob, in which the phase of each pulse is randomly modulated by $0,p%. Bob measures the differential phase by a one-bit delay circuit. The system has a simple configuration without the need for an interferometer(More)
This paper develops algorithms for the pricing of discretely sampled barrier, lookback and hindsight options and discretely exercisable American options. Under the Black-Scholes framework, the pricing of these options can be reduced to evaluation of a series of convolutions of the Gaussian distribution and a known function. We compute these convolutions(More)
Throughout Japan a total of 543 cases of vitamin K deficiency occurring in infants over 2 weeks of age were reported from January 1981 to June 1985. Of these cases, 427 showed no obvious reasons for vitamin K deficiency; this sort of case is known as “idiopathic vitamin K deficiency in infancy”. Another 57 cases had bleeding episodes due to vitamin K(More)