Yohei Yamaguchi

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Ischemic heart disease still remains the most common cause of cardiac death. During ischemia-reperfusion (I/R), reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced in excess in cardiac tissue, where they induce cell death. Our previous study showed that 9-phenanthrol (9-Phe), a specific inhibitor of the TRPM4 channel, preserves cardiac contractile function and(More)
An important requirement of household energy simulation models is their accuracy in estimating energy demand and its fluctuations. Occupant behavior has a major impact upon energy demand. However, Markov chains, the traditional approach to model occupant behavior , (1) has limitations in accurately capturing the coordinated behavior of occupants and (2) is(More)
In recent years much attention has been devoted to understanding and predicting when and how occupants perform their daily routines and use electric appliances within buildings. The purpose here is to better estimate energy consumption. Despite efforts to capture individual behavior with precision, models often neglect how occupants interact with one(More)
Due to the rapid expansion of information and communication technology (ICT) usage, the telecommunications industry is faced with a challenge to promote green ICT toward achieving a low-carbon society. One critical obstacle in planning long-term strategies for green ICT is the uncertainty of various external factors, such as consumers' lifestyle and(More)
Periodontal disease is a highly prevalent disorder affecting up to 80% of the global population. Recent epidemiological studies have shown an association between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, as oxidative stress plays an important role in chronic inflammatory diseases such as periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. In this review,(More)
Dog feces containing 500 Paragonimus westermani eggs per gram were examined by the Medical General Laboratory (MGL), the simple sedimentation (SS), and the Army Medical School III (AMS III) methods. The number of eggs per gram of feces (EPG) obtained by the MGL method was 17.2 and was significantly lower than those obtained by the SS method (324.0) and the(More)
We performed molecular dynamics calculations of xenon clathrate hydrate to investigate the effects of empty cages on the structure and dynamics of the surrounding lattice. The distinct structure and dynamics of the empty cages, and cages including Xe, which coexist in the lattice, were analyzed. The results show that the ellipsoidal tetrakaidecahedral cage(More)
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