Yohei Uehara

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We have successfully added ps temporal resolution to scanning tunneling microscope (STM) light emission spectroscopy. STM light emission spectra of Sb2Te3 were measured in the configuration that the tip sample gap of the STM is irradiated by a pair of pump and probe laser pulses with a duration less than 2 ps each, and were analyzed as a function of optical(More)
Data rates in commercial rigid drives are MIW exceeding 2OOMbiin2 and the linear remrding densities are exceeding 250kFC1, which was made possible by a combination of PRML channel and MR heads. At high data rates and for high linear densities, non-linear hansition shift (NLTS) causes performance errors in PRML channels. It is known that NLTS can be reduced(More)
This study reports an adaptation of acoustic sensing to detection of shellfish in the sediment. In this paper, we tried to detect Ruditapes philippinarum called asari in Japanese using a 1-MHz acoustic focus probe. Then, 2-D acoustic imaging of the shellfish in the sediment was performed, and the strong backscatter from the shell surface was detectable.(More)
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