Yohei Satoh

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External genitalia are anatomical structures located at the posterior embryonic region as part of several urogenital/reproductive organs. The embryonic anlage of the external genitalia, the genital tubercle (GT) develops as a bud-shaped structure with an initial urethral plate and later urethra. Embryonic external genitalia are considered to be one of the(More)
This study was performed to examine the relationship between isotopic composition in near-surface vapor (δ 18 O v) over western Africa during the monsoon season and El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) activity using the Isotope-incorporated Global Spectral Model. The model was evaluated using a satellite and in situ observations at daily to interannual(More)
—Laser/LIDAR remote sensing technologies can satisfy a variety of measurement and operational requirements. Specifically lasers for LIDAR and its applications. These measurement techniques are finding uses in several earth science areas, including trace gases, water vapor, aerosols and clouds, wind speed and directions, oceanic mixed layer depth, ice sheet,(More)
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