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— An H∞ control problem with simultaneous consideration of preview and delay is solved, where past signals and future signals are essential to describe behaviors of the control system. Solvability conditions and complete controller parameterization are derived in the frequency domain within the scope of finite dimensional computations, that is, infinite(More)
For a given partial covariance sequence (C<sub>0</sub>, C<sub>1</sub>, ..., C<sub>n</sub>) and for each MA part of the ARMA modeling filter of degree n, an AR part of the ARMA modeling filter of degree n for the solution to the rational covariance extension problem is obtained by solving a nonlinear equation, which is homotopic to a nonlinear equation(More)
This thesis is a collection of papers about generalizations and applications of the theory of the analytic interpolation with complexity constraint by C. I. Byrnes, T. T. Georgiou and A. Lindquist. The first paper is about a generalization to the bi-tangential interpolation problem. A smooth and complete parameterization of interpolants is given by solving(More)
  • Yohei Kuroiwa
  • 2011
We introduce a coordinate-dependent characteristic of symmetry, which is denoted by C/A. C/A is defined by the division of the covariance (C) by the area (A) of the object of the image. The characteristic has the good properties for the applications to the image processing. We compute the characteristic of ellipse, for which we derive the formula of the(More)
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