Yohei Kobayashi

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Conditional gene targeting allows us to study gene function in specific tissues or cell types. This is commonly achieved by Cre DNA recombinase and its 34–base pair target sequences called loxP sites. Through the efforts of individual labs and large-scale projects, a sizable collection of Cre mouse lines has been generated to express or delete specific(More)
A pair of markers, sNAT and vNAT, is derived from the electroencephalogram (EEG) power spectra (PS) recorded for 5 min with 21 electrodes (4-20 Hz) arranged according to the 10-20 standard. These markers form a new diagnosis tool "NAT" aiming at characterizing various brain disorders. Each signal sequence is divided into segments of 0.64 s and its discrete(More)
Circadian rhythms control a variety of physiological processes, but whether they may also time brain development remains largely unknown. Here, we show that circadian clock genes control the onset of critical period plasticity in the neocortex. Within visual cortex of Clock-deficient mice, the emergence of circadian gene expression was dampened, and the(More)
Acute patellar tendon ruptures with poor tissue quality. Ruptures that have been neglected are difficult to repair. Several surgical techniques for the repair of the patellar tendon have been reported, however, these techniques remain difficult because of contractures, adhesions, and atrophy of the quadriceps muscle after surgery. We report the cases of 2(More)
BACKGROUND Stent fracture (SF) after drug-eluting stent implantation has become an important concern. The aim of this study was to assess the incidence, predictors, and clinical impact of SF after biolimus-eluting stent. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 1026 patients with 1407 lesions undergoing the Nobori biolimus-eluting stent implantation and follow-up(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the pressure gradient and peripheral fractional flow reserve (pFFR) measured by a pressure wire as indicators of hemodynamic significance in iliofemoral angiographic intermediate stenosis. BACKGROUND The utility of pressure measurements using a pressure wire with vasodilators is unclear in cases with intermediate iliofemoral stenosis.(More)
Studies on the globalization of firm activities have been progressing rapidly, but empirical studies on service trade using firm-level data have been scarce. This paper, using panel data from Japanese firms, analyzes the relationship between service trade and firm characteristics such as productivity and finds the following. 1) The number of firms engaged(More)