Yohei Ishikawa

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In this paper, we propose a musical-noise-controllable algorithm for array signal processing with the aim for high-performance and high-quality noise reduction. Recently, many methods of integrating linear microphone array signal processing and nonlinear signal processing for noise reduction have been studied, but these methods often suffer from the problem(More)
An independent-gate four-terminal FinFET SRAM have been successfully fabricated for drastic leakage current reduction. The new SRAM is consisted of a four-terminal (4T-) FinFET which has a flexible V<sub>th</sub> controllability. The 4T-FinFET with a TiN metal gate is fabricated by a newly developed gate separation etching process. By appropriately(More)
In this paper, we proposed a neuron MOS current mirror with a transimpedance amplifier. The conventional circuit is composed of a voltage amplifier and resistances. However , the resistance voltage drop makes operating range narrow. The proposed circuit is composed of the transimpedance amplifier. And the proposed circuit will be high current copy accuracy(More)
SUMMARY A new electromagnetic coupling structure has been proposed for a millimeter wave DR-VCO. The structure consists of a microstrip substrate placed on a planar type dielectric resonator and provides a strongly confined electromagnetic field and a high Q. The resonator used in this structure is a TE 010 mode dielectric resonator composed of a dielectric(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic measuring circuit suitable for the simplified very small phase difference measurement circuit. The proposed circuit consists of a J-FET, envelop detection circuit and microcontroller (Arduino). The experiment of automatic phase difference measurement is performed using proposed circuit and automatic amplitude(More)
Polycrystalline-silicon (poly-Si) and crystalline-silicon (crystal-Si) channel FinFET CMOS inverters were successfully fabricated and the variations of threshold voltage (V<sub>t</sub>) for their individual n- and p-channel transistors and the logic gate V<sub>t</sub> (V<sub>Thc</sub>) for the inverters were systematically investigated. It was found that(More)
A retro-directive system with beam pilot signal is proposed in order to solve the multi-path propagation problem in microwave power transmission along the horizontal direction. In this system, a beamed pilot signal radiating from the entire surface of the power receiving antenna. It is shown that the high transmission efficiency of the microwave power can(More)