Yohei Hasegawa

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Multicontext reconfigurable processors can switch its configuration in a single clock cycle by providing a context memory in each of the processing elements. Although these processors have proven to be powerful in many applications, the number of contexts is often not enough. The context translation table which translates the global instruction pointer, or(More)
— A fine-grain dynamic power gating is proposed for saving the leakage power in MIPS R3000 by sleep control and applied to a processor pipeline. An execution unit is divided into four small units: multiplier, divider, shifter and other (CLU). The power of each unit is cut off dynamically, based on the operation. We tape-outed the prototype chip Geyser-0,(More)
In multi-context Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor Array (DRPA), the required number of contexts is often increased by those with low resource usage. In order to execute such contexts without wasting a context memory, we propose a new execution mode called instruction buffer mode in addition to the normal multi-context mode. In this mode, a configuration(More)
Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) developed by NEC Electronics is a coarse grain re-configurable processor that selects a data path from the on-chip repository of sixteen circuit configurations , or contexts, to implement different logic on one single DRP chip. Several stream applications have been implemented on the DRP-1, the first prototype(More)
We propose a cryptographic accelerator for IPsec by using the NEC electronics' Dynamically Reconfig-urable Processor (DRP). In our system, an embedded processor and DRP are integrated in a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and multiple cryptographic tasks can be accelerated by DRP. Moreover, the virtual hardware mechanism, which dynamically changes its configuration(More)
MuCCRA-Cube is a scalable three dimensional dynamically reconfigurable processor. By stacking multiple dies connected with inductive-coupling links, the number of PE array can be increased so that the required performance is achieved. A prototype chip with 90nm CMOS process consisting of four dies each of which has a 4 × 4 PE array was implemented. The(More)