Yohanna Gita Chandra

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This study was conducted to identify unique nucleotide differences in two U.S. chicken embryo origin (CEO) vaccines [LT Blen (GenBank accession: JQ083493) designated as vaccine 1; Laryngo-Vac® (GenBank accession: JQ083494) designated as vaccine 2] of infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) genomes compared to an Australian Serva vaccine reference ILTV(More)
Primary cultured cells derived from normal tissue have a limited lifespan due to replicative senescence and show distinct phenotypes such as irreversible cell cycle arrest and enlarged morphology. Studying senescence-associated genetic alterations in chicken cells will provide valuable knowledge of cellular growth characteristics, when compared with normal(More)
A continuously growing immortal cell substrate can be used for virus propagation, diagnostic purposes, and vaccine production. The aim of this study was to develop an immortal chicken cell line for efficient propagation of avian infectious viruses. From the various chicken embryo cells that were tested for life span extension, an immortalized chicken embryo(More)
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