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Potassium channels are found in all mammalian cell types, and they perform many distinct functions in both excitable and non-excitable cells. These functions are subserved by several different families of potassium channels distinguishable by primary sequence features as well as by physiological characteristics. Of these families, the tandem pore domain(More)
A covert channel is a mechanism that can be used to communicate data across network or between processes within the system by violating the networks/ systems security policy and in a manner that goes unnoticed. An effective covert channel is the one that is undetectable by the adversary and can provide high degree of privacy. The goal of the covert channel(More)
Robotics is a remarkable domain that may be successfully employed in the classroom both to motivate students to tackle hard AI topics and to provide students experience applying AI representations and algorithms to real-world problems. This article uses two example robotics problems to illustrate these themes. We show how the robot obstacle detection(More)
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