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A remote catheter navigation system compatible with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been developed to facilitate MRI-guided catheterization procedures. The interventionalist's conventional motions (axial motion and rotation) on an input catheter - acting as the master - are measured by a pair of optical encoders, and a custom embedded system relays the(More)
Optimization and standardization of radiographic procedures in a health region minimizes patient exposure while producing diagnostic images. This report highlights the dose variation in common computed radiography (CR) examinations throughout a large health region. The RadChex cassette was used to measure the radiation exposure at the table or wall bucky in(More)
A novel remote catheter navigation system has been developed to reduce physical stress and irradiation to the interventionalist during fluoroscopic X-ray guided catheter intervention. The unique teleoperated design of this system allows the interventionalist to apply conventional axial and radial motion, as used in current practice, to an input catheter(More)
Remote catheter navigation systems are being developed to reduce the occupational risk of the intervening physician. Despite the success of such systems, development has occurred with little fundamental knowledge of the catheter dynamics applied by the interventionalist. This paper characterizes the kinematics of a catheter during manipulation, the minimum(More)
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