Yogesh Sreenivasan

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Flexible mandatory access control (MAC) enforcement is now available for virtual machine systems. For example, the sHype MAC system for the Xen virtual machine monitor is part of the mainline Xen distribution. Such systems offer the isolation of VM systems with the flexible security of MAC enforcement. A problem is that such MAC VM systems will only be(More)
The web is now being used as a general platform for hosting distributed applications like wikis, bulletin board messaging systems and collaborative editing environments. Data from multiple applications originating at multiple sources all intermix in a single web browser, making sensitive data stored in the browser subject to a broad milieu of attacks(More)
Virtual machines are widely accepted as a promising basis for building secure systems. However, while virtual machines offer effective mechanisms to create isolated environments, mechanisms that offer controlled interaction among VMs are immature. Some VM systems include flexible policy models and some enable MLS enforcement, but the flexible use of policy(More)
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