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This paper describes how new language features can be seamlessly added to an extensible specification of Promela to provide new (domain-specific) notations and analyses to the engineer. This is accomplished using ableP, an extensible specification and implementation of Promela, the modeling language used by the spin model checker. Language extensions(More)
In this paper we describe a language extension that adds dimension analysis to Java. Dimension analysis can be used to check that values that represent physical measurements such as length and mass are not used inconsistently. What distinguishes this work from previous work that adds dimension analysis to programming languages is that here the extension is(More)
The individual distinguishing proof number or (PIN) and Passwords are the remarkable well known verification strategy used in different gadgets, for example, Atms, cell phones, and electronic gateway locks. Unfortunately, the traditional PIN-entrance technique is helpless vulnerable against shoulder-surfing attacks. However, the security examinations used(More)
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