Yogesh M. Desai

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Guided waves in a layered elastic plate of rectangular cross section (finite width and thickness) has been studied in this paper. A semianalytical finite element method in which the deformation of the cross section is modeled by two-dimensional finite elements and analytical representation of propagating waves along the length of the plate has been used.(More)
A higher order displacement based formulation has been developed to investigate the plane strain edge vibrations or end modes in composite laminated sandwich plates. The formulation has been applied as an illustration, to the laminated sandwich plates made up of transversely isotropic laminae with the axes of symmetry lying in the plane of the lamina and(More)
The phenomenon of ratchetting is defined as constant accumulation of plastic strain or deformation under combined steady state and cyclic loading. It can reduce the fatigue life or can cause failure of piping components or systems subjected to seismic or other cyclic loads. The uniaxial ratchetting characteristics of SA333 Gr.6 steel have been investigated(More)
2002 i Acknowledgements I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude and profound thanks to Professor Peter Hagedorn, for his keen interest and guidance. His constant encouragement and perseverance were constant sources of inspiration for me. I am also greatly indebted to Professor Yogesh M. Desai for his invaluable guidance at the beginning of the(More)
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