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In most cases, development of Web-based systems has been ad hoc, lacking systematic approach and quality control and assurance procedures. Hence, there is now legitimate and growing concern about the manner in which Web-based systems are developed and their long-term quality and integrity. Web Engineering, an emerging new discipline, advocates a process and(More)
The workshop would assess the problems of Web-based application systems development, argue the need for Web Engineering approach for developing scalable, quality, large-scale Web-based systems. It would also identify key Web Engineering activities and propose approaches and methods for systematic development of Webbased applications. Further, it would(More)
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The Web has very rapidly become central to many applications in diverse areas. As our reliance on Web-based applications continues to increase and the Web systems supporting these applications become more complex, there is growing concern about the manner in which the Web-based systems/applications are created and their quality, integrity and(More)
Verification and validation are two very important steps in simulation modeling. Consequently, they are under constant review and examination from many different perspectives. Researchers have identified several modes of conducting verification and validation and proposed taxonomies for techniques used in their execution. This paper visits the issues in the(More)