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The major cause for decrease in the quality and amount of agricultural productivity is plant diseases. Farmers encounter great difficulties in detecting and controlling plant diseases. Thus, it is of great importance to diagnose the plant diseases at early stages so that appropriate and timely action can be taken by the farmers to avoid further losses. The(More)
In applications such as music information and database retrieval systems, classification of musical instruments plays an important role. The proposed work presents automatic classification of Indian Classical instruments based on spectral and MFCC features using well trained back propogation neural network classifier. Musical instruments such as Harmonium,(More)
In country like India where an amount of precipitation is limited to specific period (monsoon season) and if not utilized, water becomes a scary resource. At this same time the present statistics about the average water table in the country indicates a rapid fall in the level. There is an immense need to make a proper utilization of water and increase in(More)
Objective Image Quality Assessment (IQA) of a stereo pair entails considering the depth information in the 3D scene. Initially 2D Quality Assessment algorithms were used on stereopairs but failed to address IQA of all distortion types in stereo pairs as depth information was missing in it. Conventional QA measures like MSE and PSNR involved only error(More)
Manufacturing and Quality inspection using Machine Vision is diversely increasing in various processes and in various industries. However there are various aspects which need to be considered in order to provide the best quality output like illumination conditions, alignment of objects, efficiency of the machine, time required to detect the flaws etc. There(More)
The emergence and development of plant diseases and pest outbreaks have become more common nowadays due to the unsettled climate and environmental conditions. Actions controlling diseases or remedial measures can be undertaken if the symptoms are identified at an early stage. This would help the farmer in detecting and controlling plant diseases, thereby(More)
Particle analysis is one of the most difficult tasks in material science and technology. Detection of size and shape of particles is important for gaining information about the material as well as for better control over the quality of the product. Image processing techniques predominantly segmentation technique provides effective analysis of size and shape(More)
Plant diseases cause major economic and production losses as well as curtailment in both quantity and quality of agricultural production. Now a day's, for supervising large field of crops there is been increased demand for plant leaf disease detection system. The critical issue here is to monitor the health of the plants and detection of the respective(More)
The evaluation of visual quality of color images has become very important and challenging task due to explosion of multimedia and graphics content on internet. An image exhibits loss in color information due to introduction of noise, blur, blocking artefacts, channel distortion and also during lossy compression. The primary goal of Image Quality Metric(More)