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Mycobacterium indicus pranii (MIP), also known as Mw, is a saprophytic, non-pathogenic strain of Mycobacterium and is commercially available as a heat-killed vaccine for leprosy and recently tuberculosis (TB) as part of MDT. In this study we provide evidence that cell-free supernatant collected from original MIP suspension induces rapid and enhanced(More)
Nod2 is a cytosolic pattern recognition receptor. It has been implicated in many inflammatory conditions. Its signaling has been suggested to modulate TLR responses in a variety of ways, yet little is known about the mechanistic details of the process. We show in this study that Nod2 knockdown mouse peritoneal macrophages secrete more IL1β than normal(More)
—Questions form an integral part of our everyday communication, both offline and online. Getting responses to our questions from others is fundamental to satisfying our information need and in extending our knowledge boundaries. A question may be represented using various factors such as social, syntactic, semantic, etc. We hypothesize that these factors(More)
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